This is Your Studio


Your Custom Experience:

Boot camp, Cardio Kickboxing, REACH and Saturday Sweat classes are all considered “High Intensity” workouts. Each class is station-based, where each station typically runs 3-4 min long with small breaks, a 4 min warm up (cardio + dynamic stretching) and 2 min cool-down (for post-workout stretching). 

Session/Class Length: 30 min

Our sessions are fast. You're in. You're out, and on with your day!

Group Size: 2-8

Personal training offered in a group setting. We do not offer personal, one-on-one training.

What You Need To Know:

We have a variety of members, all ages, all body types, abilities and each with their own goals. Each exercise comes with an "alternate." Some members are recovering from injuries and use our "alternate" exercises, others use our alternate exercises to accommodate to their body's needs. We have and some members who are already fit/tone and use fit body boot camp to maintain their current physique. One thing all members have in common is Determination! All members complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire, however when you come in to work out, please let our coaches know if you have any injuries or physical limitations so that we may tailor the workout to your needs. 

Your Custom Workouts:

We have created over 90 custom, high-intensity workouts for you, which are made available to the public on our YouTube Channel.

Your Amenities:

Flooring: Closed-cell, cross-linked foam mattress providing maximum shock absorption.

Equipment: Battle ropes, Medicine balls, TRX, Resistance bands, Equalizers, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Mini-bands, Penalty boxes, Sliders, Jump ropes, Your own body weight

Store: We offer powder and supplements as well as popular apparel for purchase

Lobby: Our lobby has comfy couches, perfect for your teens to sit and get their homework done. ;)