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Courtney is a mother of two and enjoys her busy life in North Bend.  Outside of coaching, she is an avid hiker/jogger and most days she can be spotted strollering or hiking around town with her children in tow. Courtney has many years experience cooking fine cuisine and meals at home. She manages her own food and healthy living blog and as a retired school teacher, has a knack for learning and trying new things. Among many things, Courtney is fully dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle. 

After the birth of her second child and weighing in at over 200lbs, she continually suffered aches and pains in her back, arms and legs. She had little energy and lived a lifestyle with poor eating habits. One day, she decided to change all that and  hopped up from her couch and started walking. She began walking 4 miles a day, drastically cutting down on her carb, sugar and salt intake. After a few months, her walking turned into running and hiking. She slowly started adding healthy fruits/veggies, proteins, teas and super-food drinks to her diet and one day walked into Snoqualmie Fit Body Boot Camp for her first-ever HIIT  workout session as a client and the rest is history!