Custom Fitness journals

Bi-weekly Measurements for Monthly Members


Our members regularly dedicate time from their busy lives to build stronger versions of themselves. SnoFBBC would like to acknowledge their hard work by offering our monthly-paying members free, bi-weekly weigh-ins and measurements. If you are a monthly member, and would like to take part in this opportunity, please let your coach know and we will schedule you for regular bi-weekly measuring!

Online Fitness Database


Our online fitness journal can't be beat! If you are a monthly paying member, you have automatic access to your online fitness Journal complete with before and after pictures, a calendar of your milestones and charts and graphs of your progress!

Begin Creating Your Custom-Tailored Fitness Journal!

Step 1:

Fill out the questionnaire below...

Step 2:

Pre-schedule your 1st, 2nd and 3rd weigh-in appointments with one of our SnoFBBC coaches!

Schedule weight and measurement appointments

Step 3:

Have your "before" picture taken by one of our SnoFBBC coaches and choose from one of the four before/after templates below!